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Download DinoTerra 1.1 on a .apk Format For Android

Experience the thrilling world of DinoTerra with Paddle Pop and Leena in three exciting games!
Key Features:
• Play as Max or Leena
• Amazing 3D scenery, from lush jungles to erupting volcanos
• 12 awesome Dinosaurs to control, plus 3 fearsome Guardians
• Original soundtrack from the DinoTerra animated adventures
• Tilt and touch controls for optimized game play
• Link your account and earn coins online

DinoTerra apk

The evil Shadow Master has opened a portal to the past, and our heroes need to find three powerful crystals to stop him. Run, fly, and roar across the prehistoric land of DinoTerra to grab them from their Dinosaur Guardians!

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Download DinoTerra 1.1 on a .apk Format

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