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Download Rewire – Habit Tracker 4.3.3 on a .apk Format

The basic idea of the Rewire – Habit Tracker app is to simply put a check on the calendar every time you do something. As you keep on checking in the days,you will build a long chain of successful days.You will like seeing the chain, especially when you have got a few weeks under your belt.Your goal then is to not break this chain.

Rewrite Habits Tracker ApkRewrite Habits Tracker

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” - Jim Ryun.
"Rewire" is a powerful app that you can use for your benefit, to rewire your life and finally accomplish those new year resolutions.

Rewire – Habit Tracker Main Features

  • HOLO UI: Rewire is designed for humans.It is built with Android UI design guidelines at heart,making it a joy to use.
  • INDIVIDUAL CALENDARS: With Rewire you get individual calendars for every habit to visualize your chains.
  • REMINDERS: Never again forget to mark a day.Get reminders for individual habits.
  • NOTES: Keep a log of your achievements.Add notes to individual days.
  • CATEGORY: Too many habits at once ? Not a problem! Put them into individual categories.
  • SORTING: Sort your habits by simply dragging and dropping them.
  • WIDGETS: Bring habits to your home screen and lock screen with beautiful widgets.
  • GRAPHS: Visualize your data with beautiful graphs
  • BACKUP: Backup your data to the cloud with DropBox backup.
  • IMPORT: Already using other apps, import your data from apps like habits streak with just a click.

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Download Rewire – Habit Tracker 4.3.3 on a .apk Format for Android

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